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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Oh no--I think I may have started something.

Now it seems Big Arm Woman has given digital laceration a whirl--


So, how long does a cut have to bleed before I go get a stitch in it?

Last evening I mistook my left index finger for an onion, and gave it a mighty CHOP with a serrated knife. That freaking HURT, by the way. I managed to stanch the bloodflow by applying an Elmo tourniquet (a band-aid pulled VERY tightly), but the darn wound just keeps reopening and oozing. Needless to say, typing is not going well.

Oh, and I have to go get a filling replaced this morning as well. Color me cranky. It's probably a good thing that my typing is impaired--no doubt today's blogging would be evil in the extreme. [...]

Condolences and all to you, ma'am--and go ahead and go on to the doctor and let them fix you right.

As for an update on MY finger (because, as you know, it IS all about ME), today is the first day I have not put on my own Elmo tourniquet. When the doctor removed the stitches last week, the edges of my cut seemed to want to open back up a bit, so I kept a bandage on it until now to keep it pressed together. There is now a little raised area at the very edge that feels a bit like a callous, but it seems to be all knitted together now, and doesn't look like it's going to cause a unsightly scar. (Nothing like my knee surgery scar, that's for sure.) Still some pain if I extend it too much--that hit-with-a-hammer feeling that makes you want to say more bad words--but it does seem to be getting some skin sensation back in it. Or maybe I'm just imagining that part.

It is once again useful for all sorts of 'a's and 'q's and 'z's, so things are okay.

Anyway, Miss Big Arm, all of our hopes for a speedy recovery. (And good luck on that potty training, too.)

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