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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I make no claims to any sort of computer savvy, but I suppose enough has seeped in over the past few years that even I know that if you are trying to send an email to someone, you shouldn't write SPAM in the subject line!

I'm not sure what the poor doof was trying to do, but he sent some photos of his house to one of my co-workers for her to review, and there big as day in the subject was "Spam: 123 Street* Pictures." And she sent them on to me, with no explanation, and so I receive something reading "FWD: Spam: 123 Street Pictures."

Yet another co-worker of mine just strolled in to let me know what was going on, and I asked him if he knew why the original sender wrote "spam." "Oh, I don't know--I guess that's just because we get a lot of spam, or something."

Wha!? I let it go, because I knew better than to ask.

Again, I ain't no whiz, but this reminds me of James Thurber's grandmother who went around making sure all the fixtures had lightbulbs and taping up unused outlets so the electricity wouldn't leak out.

(* Not the real address)

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