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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Get you some culturing up.

Well, the big white tents appearing in the park below can mean only one thing (well, actually several, but in this context, only one)--it's time once again for The Magic City Art Connection!

21 years of local artists displaying their stuff for sale and for jurying, and it's always an interesting sort of thing to attend. There are a couple of hundred artists from across the country (I work with this guy, and I see this lady in the elevator all the time) and an odd cross section of the population meandering through the exhibits. There is more than art, too, with delicate food as well as real food, and some music, too.

And despite there being many young ladies in shorts and tank tops, only a few will also be attending this weekend's Aaron's 499 at Talladega. Then again, probably won't be many who will also attend the USA Women's Olympic Team v. Brazil soccer friendly at Legion Field on Saturday, either. I'm just happy there's enough to go around.

Anyway, there's yer culture.

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