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Friday, April 30, 2004

As you are aware...

Possumblog is one of the foremost authorities on biology and deep-frying, probably explaining why we were just visited by someone wondering about: the cause of endangerment for Emperor penguin

Now, some of you probably think that Possumblog Kitchen's hearty and refreshing Corn-guins (cornbread-battered and deep-fried Emperor penguin on a stick) might be contributing to this situation. We want you all to know we love and care about all Antarctic fauna, and that the Emperor penguins we use are NOT drawn from stocks of endangered birds. Rather, we raise all of our own penguins at a purpose-built facility in Greenville, Alabama, where the birds live a full and enriching life before being processed and shipped flash-frozen in convenient 12- and 24-packs to your grocer's freezer. We take the utmost care to insure our penguins are happy, because a happy penguin is a tender and flavorful penguin.

So, eat up!

AND--be sure and ask for the NEW LO-CARB VERSION!

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