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Monday, April 26, 2004

As we say...

I am way yonder tired.

BUT we only had one soccer game this weekend--Jonathan's game out in Gardendale got cancelled SATURDAY MORNING due to the park being used for some festival of some sort. Which was fine--I really didn't want to have to load everyone up for another road trip, but it sort of made me mad because had I known we would have had some extra time, I would have gotten tickets to go see the US women beat Brazil. Oh well.

As for the early game, it was the usual chore of getting up early with Rebecca and getting her to Shelby County at near daybreak. Played the team from Mountain Brook and although the girls played well, it was a 3-1 loss. Too slow and not able to finish. And the referee was crappy, although for once, it was to our advantage. Just not quite enough to our advantage, though.

Back home, and then it was time for the thing that took up the entire rest of the day--reshelving books and boxing up some to donate. This was the second phase of the big furniture move of last weekend, and entailed redistributing all the kids' books into the bookcases from where they had been--mostly on the floor of the upstairs hall, and under various other pieces of furniture.

Books with names written in them were sorted into piles. Those which were considered baby books were then culled from those to be placed in long term storage. The remainder were each placed into their respective owner's bookcases. Then the giant pile of unmarked books were again sorted through, removing the baby books, and then divvied up as best as could be determined by content. Got finished at 7 p.m. Boxed up seven copier-paper boxes of books to be donated, and still have a billion or so.

As we were going through them, it occurred to me that it would be interesting to know how many books we actually do have. I could count them, but that would hurt my mind, so I decided to just do running footage:

Art and Architecture--12 ft
Biography--9 ft
Craftwork--10 ft
Geography--9 ft
General, Fiction--18 ft
General, Non-fiction--20 ft
History, General--9 ft
History, Military--12.5 ft
Juvenile--22.5 ft
Older Youth--10 ft
Reference/Textbooks--20 ft
Religious--9 ft

Total-- 161 ft

One of these days, I plan to read at least an inch or two of those. Anyway, that was very tiring, and the kids were only marginally helpful. They spent more time reading than separating. And more time fussing with each other than reading. ::sigh::

Then yesterday was the normal Lord's Day activities of worship and watching stock car racing. Overall, a pretty good race, despite it ending under caution, and despite the lineup including Tony Stewart (who in my estimation wouldn't act the way he does -- for very long, at least -- if he had been racing back in the day with A.J. Foyt). The throwing of garbage onto the track pretty much took the cake for sheer low-class, though. Morons.

On back to church for evening services, then a late-night get together for the younger kids, and finally back home sometime after 9, feeling like I had been beat to pieces.

Not the normal 3,000-worder today, I realize, but I am just wiped out.

But, despite that, check back in a bit for more twaddle and yammering.

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