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Friday, April 23, 2004

And if you think THAT was a high honor--

I just got this little gem:

FROM: partnership@[not so fast, there, Bub].net


Would you be interested in exchanging links between our sites?

I noticed that your site is the type of quality web-site containing travel information or services that we would be interested in linking to.

If you are interested, please reply to this email and I will be happy to discuss our link exchange requirements.

Wishing you a great day and hope to hear from you soon.


http://www.[sorry, no linky love for you!].com/

Wow, that Steve is sure a nice guy! Here's what I wrote back:
CONGRATULATIONS, STEVE!! You will be ELATED to know that although I have had my new Google G-Mail account for two whole days, YOU are the FIRST SPAMMER TO FIND ME!!

It is obvious that YOU are a hard working spammer with WHAT IT TAKES to do business over the Internet!!

HOWEVER, although my site is the HIGHEST QUALITY SITE on the ENTIRE Internet containing travel information or services, I am not quite sure you really want to link to it. I mean, after that 400,000 word essay I did about how people should never travel from home, or use great big boats (especially if they have to share it with Kathy Lee Gifford) or airplanes, I don't think many people will want to book any cruises to Aruba or Baghdad or wherever. Then again, I could be wrong. My "Walk Across Pinchgut Creek" tours seem to always be booked, so you never know. Am I rambling? Sorry. It's just that when ever anyone sends me mail, I get like this.

AS FOR BUSINESS--right now, I am working on a deal with Dr. Peter Eolo, the Executive Co-President of the Nigerian Federal Petroleum Exchange Partnership and Economic Development Council, and I expect that will be bringing in a pretty penny once completed, so maybe then I will be able to actually pay someone, SOMEONE LIKE YOU, STEVE, to link to ME! Won't that be GRAND!! Oh, wait. I remember I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about that deal. I hope this doesn't ruin any of the modalities of the transfer.

TELL YOU WHAT!! When I get all my money from Dr. Eolo, I will write you back. BE ON THE LOOKOUT!
Only TWO dadgummed days...


UPDATE!! Didn't expect to see THIS in the Inbox:

Wow! This is the funniest email I have ever got, don't worry I have no list and never send anyone an email twice.

I spend a lot of time finding sites and just use copy/paste and don't always look who they are going to. I am just one guy trying to make it on the internet, it is not always easy competing with big companies who have far more resources than I.

Anyway, I would really be interested in getting in on the Nigerian deal with you if possible. :)

I am truly sorry if I caused you any trouble and will slow my efforts down a bit.

Sorry again

Well, I'll be doggone! Steve made me feel guilty, so I wrote him back and let him know how much I appreciated his good humor at being mocked, and for what it might be worth, here's a link to the site Steve was promoting--www.cruisetaker.com. Now remember, caveat emptor and all that, but I'll tell you, it sure was nice to meet someone who's willing to allow himself a bit of childish chiding!

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