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Friday, April 30, 2004

And here we are again.

Another Friday, and another weekend ahead jam-packed with excitement. Or what passes for it. As an added twist, Little Cat has a soccer tournament starting with a game tonight at 6. Then she has another one at 7:30. Then one tomorrow morning at 9. ::sigh:: Apparently some of the more go-getting, wound-too-tight sorts decided the little intramural kids should have to wear themselves out just like the older kids. At least there's no entry fee.

This is in addition to Boy's game tomorrow at 2, and Middle Girl's game tomorrow at 3, and then Middle Girl's game Sunday at 2. This is also in addition to the lush undergrowth now covering the backyard. I cut the front two weeks ago, but not the back, so it looks like one of Alabama's many interstate-side Wildflower Management Areas. All it needs is a sign that says DO NOT MOW. Then I would feel better about the messiness.

Of course, part of this overgrowth might be the birds and squirrels being messy eaters--they both have returned in big numbers this year, and we even have some goldfinches, too, which we haven't had before. They sling seed everywhere, and some of it does come up. Maybe I just need a goat.

ANYway, there's all that to do, and the light at the corner of the eaves is STILL hanging by its wires, so that REALLY needs to be fixed. And there is still furniture to be moved and books to be donated and clothes to be washed and several unfinished social studies projects that need to be moved along, and a flat tire that is STILL flat that needs to be fixed. Somehow, I have this feeling one or two of those things are going to go by the wayside.

All of you have a good weekend, and check back in Monday and we'll find out which ones it was!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!--This just in--Call to Shoot 20,000 Australian Koalas

Mmmm--can any of you say...

Kornalas! Cornbread-battered and deep-fried koala on a stick. Yummy! And they have that great eucalyptus flavor!

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