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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Those mean guys!

Today's Lileks Newhouse column, in which he plumbs the depths of the Republican Attack Machine (which, if life was fair, would look like the Deathmobile from Animal House.)

[...] Latest example of slime: Dick Cheney accused Kerry, a liberal Dem from Massachusetts, of having a pronounced affinity for raising taxes.

Whoa! The gloves are off!

Kerry's response: "They have found Dick Cheney in an undisclosed location and brought him out to attack me," Kerry droned. (Ho ho. Undisclosed location; that's novel. Next: Al Haig "I am in charge" jokes.) "That seems to be his designated role -- not to create jobs, but to attack John Kerry." Speaking of one's self in the third person is usually reserved for popes and kings, but we'll let that slide. Consider this new job requirement for the vice president: creating jobs. Apparently there is a big button on the veep's desk marked "MAKE JOBS," and Cheney not only refuses to push it, he posts guards to keep others from depressing it when he's away attacking John Kerry the First. [...]

Sad thing is, there probably are some people who believe there's a big button.

Anyway, the current level of political slap-fighting might give some people the vapors, but those who feel woozy generally have never picked up a history book. Today's breed of soft-pated poltroons who get incensed when John Kerry is "attacked" by replaying his own words, would have been eaten alive in the 19th century. Or at the very least soundly thrashed with a walking stick.

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