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Monday, March 29, 2004

HOT Amish Beach Action!

[...] "This is not the norm," says Atlee Raber, a 56-year-old Amish businessman from Berlin, Ohio. "Not everybody goes to Florida. You are in contact with more of the entrepreneurial part of the Amish community by being down here."

Raber is the perfect example. He is president of Berlin Gardens, a builder of gazebos and other backyard structures. Raber is making the rounds of the packed back room of Troyer's Dutch Heritage restaurant, a popular early-morning hangout for Amish men with nothing but time on their hands.

Troyer's is a sparkling, 600-seat Amish food emporium and gift shop. Demurely dressed Amish and Mennonite waitresses serve steaming plates of fried mush and gravy in a country-themed ambiance similar to Troyer's original restaurant in Bellville, Ohio. [...]

Mmmm-- "...smell that mush, it's beginnin' to boil"

Actually, a nice article that's not too snotty and condescending. Frankly, I'm glad to know that the Amish enjoy coming down this way and have a good time at the beach, although it is sort of an odd image to think about.

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