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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Who needs electronic message boards!?

Our new-fangled eeeee-lectronical interstate signs are still being tested. I assume. They still only display the same little four-bulb dot in the lower right hand corner. However, they, or more correctly, their structural framework, does still offer some wonderful utility in passing along information.

Just this morning, I passed underneath the one on I-59 in Roebuck and noticed that some intrepid soul named Dickie had managed to clamber up the framework and tied a big white banner to the right of the message board reading "Dickie [picture of a red heart]'s Trixie" in wistfully romantic-looking brushstroke script.

Now despite the fact that adding an apostrophe and an S after the heart was both ungrammatical and unnecessary, you still have to give old Dickie an awful lot of credit for his scheme to convert state property to serve a more useful purpose.

I know Trixie must have gotten a thrill.

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