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Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Possumblog's Land o' Ten Thousand Lakes Correspondent Toni Albani has just filed a report on the recently concluded Winter Festival in St. Paul, Gopherstate with its really cool Ice Palace and associated icy sculptures. Toni has graciously allowed me to post the link to her pictures for you all to enjoy. You might also notice that of the 32 photos therein, approximately one-eighth are not ice, but of a bronze (but equally stiff) representation of 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team coach Herb Brooks, shown in his triumphant, 'my Tuck deodorant pads work GREAT!' pose. Toni says:

[...] Did I ever tell you I was a big hockey fan - errr - well was a big Gopher Hockey fan into the '80s. Herbie Brooks was the coach through the '70's and I always had season tickets. Gopher hockey was the best! Saw the movie "Miracle" last week. My Dad came into town (while my Mom was visiting with one of my sisters in Florida) and so I took him to see it. Hockey was huge on 'da range'. It was a terrific movie and Kurt Russell did a really nice job. Did I ever send you the pics from the city of Eveleth, MN (pronounced 'Evelet in ranger speak). [...]

Nope, hadn't gotten that particular set of curiosities, I told her.


In keeping with Possumblog's proud journalistic tradition of giving you the finest in roadside attractions based upon the thematic principle of super-sizing ordinary objects, Toni has another album with photographs of the WORLD'S LARGEST HOCKEY STICK AND HOCKEY PUCK, along with the Hockey Hall of Fame.

BUT BE CAREFUL--a wrong turn and you could wind up in Duluth.

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