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Friday, February 06, 2004

Looking at the old clock on the wall...

I see that it's about time to start packing up for the wild ride into the weekend. Supposed to get real cold tomorrow, which I think is a real bad idea. I've put in a requisition for sunny and 72 degrees, but from what I hear that's a no-go.

In other matters, the storms we had last night--REAL storms, not the dream type, as evidenced by our local television weatherdudes being on for five straight hours--didn't really do much of anything at our house. There was a line of thunderstorms headed straight for us about 8:30 last night that stalled right along the eastern edge of Birmingham. It finally went on through toward Georgia last night sometime, with lots of water, and lots of lightning--as evidenced by the appearance of a tiny girl child in our bed and my being smacked in the crown jewels by her restless leg for five straight hours--but no exterior wind damage. The covers are still on the grilles, and the oak tree is still quite bare of large, late-'60s GM vehicles.

My sister came home today for the weekend--she called a bit ago from my mom's house to kvetch about work and the weather and haughty, pretentious, ketchup-money Yankees. (She's a political junkie, too.) Fun time--who'd have ever thunk she would be nice when she grew up?! (She says the same about me.) Anyway, might get to see her this weekend, or not, depending on how the whirlwind of our social calendar blows.

ANYWAY, I'll see you all again bright and squirrelly Monday morning. Have a great weekend!

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