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Friday, February 27, 2004

If that’s the sound of a queen-sized air mattress being inflated…

…then this must be Friday! Which means…A SLEEPOVER!

I can hardly wait.

One of the kids from church is spending the night with us. She’s Rebecca’s age, and didn’t want to stay at her own house this weekend because it’s going to be overrun with college-aged kids in town for a youth meeting at church. Reba told her mom that we’d be glad for her and her big sister (who declined our invitation) to stay so they wouldn’t be underfoot, which is fine with me, except it meant that we had to do the emergency house-cleaning act last night (after I got back from getting sheared) and it means a semi-stranger in the house, and one with an undeveloped sense of discretion, which might lead her to blab to everyone in church about what a loud, obnoxious, flatulent, angry, crazed, odd, old man I am. And I won’t be able to wander around my own house without being fully and completely clothed--I’ll probably wind up having to sleep in my going-to-church suit. ::sigh::

Anyway, my task will be to purchase pizza and flop the big air mattress into the den floor downstairs and inflate it. Thank goodness I have an electric pump. And thank goodness our guest’s exploration of our house will be limited to the ground floor--I would hate to have to actually clean up the upstairs, too!

After my demonstration of my inflationary prowess, I will go and hide in my room.

Saturday, there better not be anything to mess with me--I had intended to get my taxes done last week and with all the car-looking didn’t get them done. This time for sure! Or not.

Then Sunday is what Sunday always is, but this time with food!

SO, all of you have a good weekend and come back by Monday and see what all happens.

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