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Friday, February 06, 2004

Hey! It's my buddy!

Was sitting here minding my own business when the ONE co-worker I always had fun with dropped in to say hey. (She left a few years ago to pursue other interests.) She still works downtown a few days a week, but it's been months since we had lunch together.

She's a real pistol ball--she does historic preservation stuff; teaches some college classes; runs all over the state doing research; is a bleeding heart, Clinton-voting feminist liberal; and a dandy conversationalist.

I never will forget one day she was sitting over there by the door and I had finished up one of my long-winded, rambling, freely-associative type monologues on something incredibly stupid, and she asked what my point was. It completely floored when I said I didn't have to make a point, that I was satisfied just to ramble incoherently for several minutes. "Not having to make a point frees up your mind to no end, and does away with the bothersome need to remember things," I said to her.

It was quite an epiphany for her.

Anyway, she just came by and we're supposed to have lunch again in a couple of weeks.

[Some of you might be wondering how it is that we get along so famously, being that she is so politically opposite of me. Cheese curls. Long ago, we figured out that there are two types of people in the world, cheese curl eaters and cheese puff eaters. No matter what other philosphies might separate us, there is comfort in knowing the other would never stoop to eating a cheese puff.]

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