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Friday, February 20, 2004

The Great Power of Search Engines

Even though I only made a passing reference to the Chevy Aveo yesterday (since updated), dumb old Possumblog has been inundated (relatively speaking) with people looking for information about the stop distribution order or recalls or whatever. And it's not just from Google/Yahoo, as is usually the case, but includes some from Dogpile and MSN, too.

I'm glad you all came by, and I hope you found something worth reading, but it seems odd that a silly blog would be so quickly spidered and given out as a search result, since all I was doing was passing along a few links to real information and not really giving out anything substantive.

It's been mentioned before on some of the smart-people blogs, but it's worth noting again that relying too heavily on search engines to find information can lead you to some pretty worthless garbage. (Possumblog excepted, of course.) As Uncle Ben told his nephew Peter, "with great power comes great responsibility," but search engines aren't very responsible when it comes to stuff like this and can often lead you nowhere.

Or here.

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