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Friday, February 27, 2004

Downstairs in the basement…

…then further down underneath the parking deck, is a little-known facility that houses a county-wide operation center that is used as a command post for local emergencies such as severe weather or disasters. It’s usually staffed by a small crew, but in case of an emergency, it fills up with representatives from each government department as well as FEMA, the police, the fire department, the National Guard, etc., who monitor conditions and coordinate any required relief or rescue efforts. It’s a foreboding sort of place--big, thick, lead-lined door, zig-zaggy fallout maze entry corridor, nuke-resistant roof, banks of monitors, cot rooms--we call it “the bunker,” and that’s what it is.

It also has a much less foreboding use--since it has a large meeting room, the different departments use the room for a classroom facility, or for administering tests for various tradesmen licenses, or for seminars.

This afternoon’s demonstration?

Argentine tango dancing.

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