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Monday, February 23, 2004


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart needs YOUR help!

I was contacted this morning by a nice young man named Matt O'Brien who works for The Daily Show, wanting to set up an interview with me about the ridiculous Pull-A-Part junkyard ads that were airing back at the end of last month. I had done a quicky post on the ads, which is how I assume Matt found me.

As you all know, my family and friends are competely unaware of my secret bloglife, and I feared that my cover might be blown for good were I to take advantage of this particular 15 minutes of fame, so despite the fact that Matt was very nice, I had to offer my regrets:

Thanks for the offer, Matt, I really do appreciate it, but my silly blog and I REALLY aren't ready for the harsh glare of the national spotlight. I've got a wife and kids, and to give that up for the fast-paced world of groupies and limos is more than I can contemplate right now.

In actual fact, I'm just some dumb guy and can guarantee you I would turn your show into a flaming sack of dog poop within a minute or two.

Thanks again for taking the time to write, though.
Terry Oglesby

Well, like any good producer, Matt was not about to take 'no' for an answer, and proceeded to try wily flattery with me. As you all know, I live for constant positive reinforcement (which I also related to Matt) but once again, I had to let Matt know that I felt obliged to not participate.

And anyway, I don't have cable, so it's not like I could watch myself be the target of Mr. Stewart's zany antics.

NOT TO BE OUTDONE, Matt noted that if I was going to be such a spoil-sport, could I suggest some others folks who might be willing to help out with his story. I suggested they contact former MTV veejay Alan Hunter who lives here in town and who has actually been on teevee before, or alternately, call up former Birmingham denizen Courtney Cox and ask her if she knows a good place in Birmingham to get a nice piece of tailpipe. Matt said they would be shooting this TOMORROW though, and so time is of the essence.

I then asked if he would like me to use the VAST POWER OF THE INTERNET, and put forth the proposition to the millions thousands three of my readers who live in Birmingham if they would be interested in appearing on "The Show." (That's what us savvy insiders call it.)

Matt agreed to allow me to post his contact information, SO, if any of you here in the Birmingham area would like to be interviewed for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and are available TOMORROW, and have some sort of opinion about junkyard advertising, then PLEASE contact:

Matt O'Brien
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
513 West 54th St.
New York, NY 10019
(212) 468-1772

Now I will say that Matt balked at paying me my normal fee of TWENTY EIGHT MILLION US DOLLARS (US$28'000'000), so don't ask for that much.

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