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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Chet the E-Mail Boy is just ahead of his time.

Meant to note this earlier, but as I was heading home Tuesday I was listening to NPR (yes, believe it or not--I find that it, and especially the commentary by somnabulent gasbag Daniel Schorr, provides a welcome way to keep my blood pressure perking along at its highest peaks) and Robert Seigel was doing a story about the International Telecommunications Union developing a Morse Code symbol for the @ sign in e-mail addresses.

And you thought all along I have been kidding about Chet's remarkable abilities in translating e-mails back and forth using his old keyset!

Anyway, it's a fun story about the oddball group of ham operators and telegraphy buffs who have found the need to send e-mail addresses over the air--Rick Lindquist, the interviewee and editor of the clicky-fun magazine QST, noted that he occasionally chats in Morse code with a handheld key device while he's driving.

I told Chet about this, and he's out in the parking lot right now trying to find a suitable hot wire on the Maverick in order to fix up his own mobile Morse/e-mail setup.

Remember, when addressing your correspondence, the @ = . - - . - .

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