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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

And Speaking of Doggerel

I had a visitor come by yesterday as the result of a Google search query that absolutely baffled me. (And also managed to return Possumblog as the sole result!) julius caesar the roman geezer squished his face.

What in the world was that about? Figuring that there had to be something else to this, I Googled on "roman geezer" and to my surprise found out that this is part of an apparently pretty well-known schoolyard rhyme, at least in some part of the world.

The whole thing goes:

'Julius Caesar
The Roman geezer
Squashed his nose
In a lemon squeezer.'

Alternate versions have wife instead of nose. There are also a couple that do away with the whole juicer thing and substitute other literate bits in its place. Here's one I found:

Julius Caesar,
Roman geezer,
Came to Britain, wasn't smitten,
Back to Gaul,
After All

And another (that strains a little too hard)--

Noel Coward was a charmer
As a writer he was brahmer.
Julius Caeser Roman geezer
Must have been a pencil squeezer.
Einstein can’t be witty-less
Frightened everybody

That last line kinda falls apart, eh?

Anyway, I have no idea why I posted this.

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