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Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Jim Smith and my daughter Rebecca have been anxiously awaiting the return of soccer season--Rebecca in order to see her friends and play, Jim so that he could hear of the glories of concession stand hamburgers and the Breck Girl Mom.

Well, last night was the night when practices for the spring season were supposed to get underway--Rebecca was VERY excited. Jim, on the other hand, will be sorely distressed to learn that Reba already had us a bowl of soup and a sandwich waiting. Gobbled that down and started getting all the stuff together again--shin guards, socks, cleats, ankle brace, water bottle, gigantic carry bag. ::sigh::

Since it had been raining the night before last and yesterday morning, I thought it might be good to call the coach and see if we were still going to be able to practice. Called, got his son, son said that coach was not home right then, but that he had made the high school team practice earlier. Well, sounds like we're going to practice.

Loaded up Middle Girl and her junk in the van and headed over to the park, which was lightless. Hmm. Pulled in to the lot, which held one lonely vehicle, parked, rolled down window and the coach said the field was a bit too sloppy to use, so, we'll wait until Saturday to try again.

Rebecca was very disappointed.

Back to the house by way of the gas station to fill up Moby, and for some reason Rebecca decided she needed an entire course in comparative religion. As we drove down the road to the gas station and all the way back home, she asked about every church we saw and what they believed. Predestination, transubstantiation, absolute depravity, snake handling--you know, there's an amazing amount of information in just five miles of road.

UPDATE: I just hope she doesn't ask me to explain this.

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