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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Okay, but before we start with that, I wanted to try something.

Usually, I use boldface and blockquote to set off a bit of text I’m stealing plagiarizing exercising my constitutionally guaranteed right of fair use upon, but I wanted to see if this little bit of code I found looked better--it puts a subtle little box around the text.

It looks something like this, or it should, if it doesn’t overload Blogger’s ability to translate all the computer gobbledygook. The only drawback is that it takes much longer to type than simply doing a blockquote, which means I’ll have to keep a copy somewhere and cut-and-paste when I want to use it.

Anyway, what do you think? Is this too jarring of a change to the purposely boring layout of Possumblog? Is it akin to the color blasphemous, heretical episodes of The Andy Griffith Show?

UPDATE: Based upon the comments, I made a couple of changes--I increased the font size to 14--18 would be a bit too big (sorry Larry), and did my best to shield the more delicate members of the reading public from references to Andy Griffith in any format other than the Accepted Version, i.e. Black and White. I apologize for using the analogy I used without any warning, but that is the one I commonly use to describe a horrible, unwarranted, unpleasant change.

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