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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Oh my--short day it seems

I have to take off in a bit and go get Catherine to take her for her follow-up visit to the ENT. She was SUPPOSED to have gone last Friday, when Reba had taken a day off from work to be able to take her, but we got a message on the answering machine Thursday from a relentlessly perky scheduling person at the doctor's office who filled us in on the fact that SOMEone had mistakenly scheduled us for a Friday visit with the OTHER doctor in the office, and our doctor wasn't even going to be in the office Friday. Hee-hee! SORRY! Oh! And y'all have a Happy New Year!!


Actually, I suppose it would be difficult to be too angry with someone so zim-zam zippy...nah, that's a lie--I really would liked to have done something mean to her like hide her favorite pen or leave bite marks on the individually wrapped slices of cheese in her refrigerator. But, that urge passed long enough for us to reschedule another visit for today.

I suppose that it won't take long, and that I will get back to work today sometime, but I'm not real sure.

Anyway, if I don't, all of you folks remember to bundle up around here--after bragging that it was 71 two days ago, it's now supposed to go down to 17 tonight. Thankfully, I have a warm coat of fur and a thick layer of blubber to keep me warm.

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