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Friday, January 09, 2004

And speaking of non sequiturs...

It's nearly time to hit the road for the lovely Ville of Truss. Long weekend--soccer practice for Middle Girl is supposed to try and start up tomorrow after the aborted attempt on Monday. I really don't look for it to happen since everything is still soggy from last night's almost-winter-weather conditions. (All the kids think that a 20% chance of light sleet means IT'S GONNA SNOW!!)

And also tomorrow, we have a thing at church for the kids to go and study their Bible Bowl questions, which, believe it or not, is not all that fun if you're just tagging along because you can drive. Might have to bring along some reading material.

Laundry? Oh and how--last week's blessed reprieve due to getting it done during the holiday meant that the hamper started filling up on Thursday rather than Sunday--all the mounds of carelessly dropped kid clothes looks like an explosion in a Chinese sweatshop. I imagine that this will mean that tomorrow morning, there will be no early morning under-sheet wrestling with Miss Reba. ::sigh::

Housepainting? Well, ol' Mickey's crew got started right after the first of the year, hammering and spot painting in the back and...and...well, not much else. It's either been too cold or too rainy to do anything the past week, after I went to all the trouble of moving Franklin down the driveway a bit so they could get all the way around the garage doors. Oh well. I do have a big JoBox sitting out on the platform in the backyard, some ladders, some dropclothes, so it's almost like they've been working. At least I still have my money.

Finally got in my tax forms, which means it's time to break out the old pencil and paper--I wonder if I bought a Curta, if I could get a deduction for it if I used it to figure out my taxes?

ANYway, it's time to get packed up and head that way--all of you come back Monday, and let's see what kind of trouble we can get in!

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