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Friday, January 02, 2004

And in other news--Richard Cohen is perplexed

Starting off the new year right, Charles Austin once more takes the ol' cat o'nine tails to Icky Dick:
[...] As for myself, I am still perplexed.

This is news?

I am a fervid fan of the late Cary Grant, who was the best-dressed actor ever to appear on the screen. (Just watch how his trouser pleats don't open when he crouches on a rooftop in "To Catch a Thief.")

Perhaps, though I’d go with Fred Astaire.

All Italians are metrosexuals and some French are, but not the British, because, among other things, they can't keep their socks up.

Celebrating the diversity of stereotypes, there is unity in his bigotry. [...]
Well, I gotta say that any man who notices with admiration the straightness of another man's pants pleats is just begging for abuse. Thankfully, Charles is quite up to the task of administering such abuse.

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