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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

So, you like the style of the new BWM-sourced Mini, but it would set you back a few too many kopeks? Well, buddy, you now have a choice!

Via AutoWeek, a story about the newest import brand vehicle to hit our shores--is lovely OKA! Which will be viewing for peoples at the L.A. Auto Show!

The article mentions that we will first be receiving the City and Race models.

Powered by a two-pot 749 cc engine producing 35 entire horsepowers, the City model sprints from 0-62mph (100kph) in a breathtaking 20 seconds! The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price comes in at a low, low $7,300, making it easy for you to act all snooty and superior to those Mini drivers who paid WAY too much.

(And, there's a special treat waiting in the wings--something "Designed Especially in Collaboration with your Analyst, recommended for those who would suffer serious SUV withdrawal symptoms"--the OKA SUV! Can hardly wait for that to come over here!)

Happy Motoring!

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