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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

One of the smart young set...

...takes up the idea for a Blogger's Cookbook! Taterboy Marc Velazquez has this idea:
[...] Someone would have to get this typed up and ready soon, before blogging loses its "hot" status and becomes "passe" (probably in another few months). I propose the following criteria for blogger eats (please add to it as you see fit):
1. Be able to eat with one hand (need one hand free for mouse).
2. Nothing drippy or powdery-coated.
3. Combinations of snacks are acceptable.
4. Microwavable if possible, but don't rule out the Fry Daddy!
Sections could be devoted to: sandwiches, anything wrapped with a flour tortilla or pita, foods on a stick or "kabob", loose items that can be grasped with thumb and fore/middle fingers, and pizzas (no goat cheese!). I'll let Little Debbie take care of desserts, since nobody does it better (she's 47 now and probably filthy rich!). [...]
Fascinating!! (I mean, who knew that blogging was still hot!?)

Anyway, here are some of my suggestions for recipes (although some of them aren't quite recipes, since all you have to do is go to the grocery store and open the bag, but whatever):

First, in the Thumb-Forefinger Graspable Category, what most experts consider the perfect roadfood/keyboarding consumable-- Combos. One-handedness? Check. Non-drippy/non-powderiferous? Check. Combinatory? Absolutely--in fact, the very definition of a combination snack, hence the name. "Cheese" squished into little tubes of cracker or pretzel. (They ought to get extra credit for using tubes, too.) Microwaveable? Probably, although it would be best to remove them from the foil pouch first.

Other strong T-FF G foods would include pork rinds, although they can be sort of messy with all the crumbs. Just be sure to put a paper towel underneath the keyboard when you shake it out so you can catch all the crumbs and eat them later.

Peanut M&Ms--FOUR snacks in one--peanuts, salt, chocolate, and candy coating. They also have a very long shelf life, which translates well to their being preserved as a snack source when you accidentally drop a few under the car seat or on the floor by the CPU. Even months later, they are usually still pretty good.

Dried Meat Sticks/Jerky--There's a reason "meat" begins with "Mmmmmmm!!" Sometimes can be stubborn to eat, pulling out loosely moored teeth in the masticatory process. But they're meat, so no big deal.

On to the Sandwich Category--Again, the obvious choice is peanut butter and banana slices on cheap white loaf bread, all mooshed down flat. Handy, portable, non-drippy (usually), and microwave-friendly.

Some other faves include pimiento cheese ("minner cheese" to my relatives), meat loaf, Spam, and Spam. (Obviously all on easily-squishable bread to prevent leakage of condiments).

Over in the Flatbread/Pita/Wrapped Category--I can think of no better choice than a breakfast burrito from Sonic, although this does lose points for being very injurious to the lap portion of your pants. But it's huge and chock full of those healthy and delicious cholesterols and fats and meat and salt and stuff. Mmmm.

Runners-up would be to substitute a flour tortilla for the cheap white loaf bread in the above-mentioned peanut butter and banana sandwich, as well as...oh, I don't have any other ideas.

As for Foods on a Stick, you all know the Pride of Possumblog Kitchens is our large line of Cornbread-Battered and Deep-Fried Meats On Sticks, such the Cornatee™, made with fresh Florida-grown manatee; Corguin™, hearty and tasty Emperor penguin; and Cornnutria™, the marmot-meat taste sensation (now with tangy Chipotle Gopher flavor!). For those who are a bit less adventuresome, there's always a plain ol' corndog, with a deep-fried Snickers for dessert.

Man, I'm hungry!

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