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Monday, December 29, 2003

I'm gonna be on the tee vee!

Well, maybe.

Just got off the phone with a reporter (sadly, not the ebullient, blue-eyed Nikki Preede, who still owes me a lunch and a FOX6 coffee mug, by the way) but a nice young lady from ABC 33/40 who is doing a story on neighborhood revitalization. I found out I was supposed to do the interview approximately five seconds before she called me on the telephone, so I had to put her on hold while my boss filled me in on what it is I'm supposed to be talking about.

One of our neighborhoods here in town is working with the kids over at the Auburn University Center for Architecture and Urban Studies (website seems to be busted at the moment) to do an analysis of their area, and I'm supposed to talk about how their work integrates with the City's design, planning and regulatory processes.

I think it's supposed to air on tonight's news, so all of you in Central Alabama be sure to tune in and see if you can catch a glimpse of my rugged, Tom Selleck-like face and hear my rich, baritone voice. In case you see someone who looks like a potato and sounds like someone hopped up on radiator moonshine, please rest assured he is an imposter.

UPDATE--10:31 p.m. CST. Well now, that was disappointing. No story at all. Either there was more work to be done on it and it'll air later, or I was PUNK'D! I think I will now go to sleep and weep hot, shamed tears into my pillow.

Or not.

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