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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Free Dick!

Scrushy asks limits on travel be looser
News staff writer

Former HealthSouth Corp. Chief Executive Richard Scrushy wants a judge to lessen his travel restrictions, saying corporate figures facing financial fraud charges such as domestic goddess Martha Stewart and ImClone System's Sam Waskal have faced less stringent requirements. [...]
Martha Stewart?! Martha, although I think she's guilty of insider trading, is accused of nothing as serious as our old Dallas County Line lead singer. And Waksal, though a rogue and a cheat, at least has the sense to admit when he got caught red-handed, and his crimes haven't involved defrauding the public for years, as our buddy has been accused of doing. Anyway, here's the real money quote:
In a letter to prosecutors, lawyer Abbe David Lowell said Scrushy has taken no steps to flee since he learned he was the subject of a grand jury probe and saw 14 former HealthSouth officials, some of whom have implicated him, plead guilty to offenses related to the fraud at HealthSouth.

Lowell said Scrushy is not a flight risk, has deep roots in the community and has a family he would not leave behind.

"You also know that he is such a high-profile individual that there would be no place he could go where he would not be recognized and identified," the letter said.
Oh please. He ain't Madonna, folks--with his current fashionable affectation of slicked back hair, all he would have to do is regrow his cheesy little mustache, he could be serving salsa and chips at any place in town and not be recognized.

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