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Friday, December 19, 2003

$36,866.36 per foot.

That's how much it takes to build a new condo that's 217 feet higher than everyone else gets to build.

The developer managed to work out a nice deal with Orange Beach for some land transfers and improvements and offered to build a fire station, all of which worked out to be worth $8,000,000, according to his lawyer.
[...] [Council member Brett] Holk argued that coaxing a rezoning with such offers was unfair.

"The small man sometimes can't afford to pay to have the zoning changed. He can't afford to have ordinances changed. He can't give to have things changed," Holk said. "And I don't believe that the people that have the means to change things should be able to have any better rights than small individuals."

Holk and [council member Jerry] Davidson contend zoning shouldn't be changed to accommodate certain projects. Rather, developments should be designed to comply with building regulations so others know what to expect when they buy or develop surrounding property. Their comments were applauded by many of the 50 people attending Thursday's council meeting.

"Most of those council members are very progressive," said Wireman, who also developed the Caribe Resort on Perdido Pass. "The city's going to be very satisfied with the park we're going to give them and very satisfied with the project." [...]
All you gotta say is that when a developer is happy, someone got screwed.

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