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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

When you think of haute couture...

...isn't Possumblog the first thing you think of?

Of course it is, which is probably why some fashion-minded (yet thrifty) person Googled in here searching for: What do Giorgio Armani things cost?

Well, my friend, you've come to the right place. Here at the Possumblog Boutique, we have a wide range of Possumblog-Armani branded items to fit any budget. You'll never once hear us say, "If you have to ask, you can't afford it."

Our full-line catalog is available by contacting the Subscription Department, but as a tantalizing glimpse behind the soothing, pastel curtains, we will mention a few items:

#3409 Possumblog-Armani brand paper towels--Available in White, Blanco, Classic White or Arctic White, these rich, luxurious towels are made from genuine renewable/non-threatened species cellulose and treated wood pulp. Each 60 foot roll is suitable for your staff's most demanding cleaning jobs. Only $4,000 per roll.

#0129 Possumblog-Armani Cutlery--The finest dinnerware available, with smooth, sensous curves that make the act of putting food in your mouth almost like eating. Forks have four full tines; knives have serrated "cutting" edge and reinforced spine; bi-positional spoons allow liquids to be held aloft, then by simply rotating the handle, liquids can be poured out. $700 per place setting.

#1448 Possumblog-Armani Silica Particles--Whether you're using it to spread on the floor for a little of "the old soft-shoe", recreating your favorite Moroccan oceanside, or merely marking the passage of time, our grains of genuine silica quartz (SiO2 for you chemists) are nothing short of flawless. Each grain is individually inspected for clarity and consistency. Each 3 gram specimen is carefully packed in its own individual vial and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity. $300

#7761 Possumblog-Armani Vehicle Theft Deterrent System--You have a new Maybach 62 and want to protect your valuable investment, and who can blame you? Our luxury system combines triple-redundancy with the most sensitive noise, motion, and odor detection available anywhere. Easily removed and relocated to other vehicles without the use of adapters, and available in a wide range of colors. $38,000

Don't hesitate--order your catalog today!

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