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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Possum Blogging

No, I ain't the only one, it seems, to be fascinated by the Didelphis virginiana--Mac Thomason just sent me an e-mail pointing out that upstanding sorts like Matt Welch have had their brushes with some of the kinfolk:
[...] We have a possum that lives in a muck-pile behind the terrible, padlocked meth-shed in the back yard. He's a party possum -- I've only seen him thrice; each time we had friends drinking in the yard, and he just trundled along the fence in the thick of the oleander tree & came at rest about 18 inches from neck. Smiling. [...]
Hey, you'd smile, too, if you knew what all we know. Matt's reminiscences were triggered by ANOTHER post about your favorite North American marsupial via Amy Alkon:
[...] Well...it turns out it wasn't Lucy sucking down all that food. Turns out she had a little party for two. Yes, she had a friend over: a big ugly possum who's probably been living in my house for a week! My assistant Heather came over to edit my stuff on Monday and got surprised by him in the bathroom. She slammed the doors to the bathroom and called animal control. Apparently, the animal control guy just waltzed in, picked le critter up by the tail and waltzed out. [...]
I do so love a good waltz...

Anywho, my thanks to these two bright stars of the bloggy firmament for their love and support, as well as that shown toward George Jones.

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