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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Just trying to help

We just had a visitor who stumbled in here asking: got any neat small bit finger foods that one can prepare real fast?

Well, first of all, let's just say right now that collards aren't a finger food. They're too hard to hold, and they take too long besides.

Now then, our intrepid querist didn't specify if the spread is going to be for a Metropolitan Opera shindig or for the guys on the bowling team, but you know, it really doesn't matter, I suppose.

So then, some small bit finger foods (whatever that means) in order of speed of preparation. (Obviously, if you have to go to the grocery store to get any of this junk, it slows everything down):

1. Crackers and squirt cheese.
2. Vienna sausage and crackers.
3. Vienna sausage and squirt cheese.
4. Leftover Halloween candy.
5. Crackers, Vienna sausage, and squirt cheese.
6. Peanut butter and crackers.
7. Little cubes of cheddar cheese with toothpicks in them.
8. Vienna sausages with toothpicks in them.
9. Potato chips with dip.
10. Chex mix.
11. S'mores.
12. Snack tray from deli.
12. Pigs in Blankets--take Crescent roll dough and wrap a Vienna sausage (or cocktail sausages if you're really feeling festive) in the middle. Bake.
13. Tater Tot Crispy Crowns with the names of the guests written on the top in ketchup.*
14. Savory lobster canapes with dill and tarragon on crusty focaccia bread triangles.
15. OOPS, almost forgot a favorite that doesn't take long at all--potted meat and crackers.

Mmm. Sounds like a GREAT party! Hope your holiday get-together will be as grand as the one at Maisson d'Possum!

*Thanks to Miss M. from Birmingham for the idea!

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