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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Trussville, AL--Skating on the razor-thin leading edge of technology!-- Hampton Inn first to offer free Wi-Fi
Ryan Mahoney

The Hampton Inn in Trussville has become the first metro-area hotel to provide free high-speed wireless Internet access throughout its facility.

Other local hotels - such as the Embassy Suites or Tutwiler - offer free Wi-Fi service in some areas or paid access in all areas, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance, but only Hampton's is available without charge in all guest rooms, public areas and meeting rooms.

Up to 256 guests can use the network at once, connecting automatically through Wi-Fi enabled laptops or handheld PCs. The system was installed in August by Nashville, Tenn.-based Sboca Wireless Network and gives Hampton an edge over its competitors, says general manager Matt Markopoulos. [...]
Take THAT all you big city sorts!

This is truly a revolutionary thing, and you just can't begin to imagine what sort of effect it will have on my life!! Let's see...ahhhhhh. Hmm. Well, there's... No. Uhhhm, I could--well, no, not that, either. If I had two of those--hmmmm. No.

Well, I don't know.

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