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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The Second Annual All-Fired Axis Of Weevil Scary Story Blogburst Begins to Bear Fruit!

Here's one from up in Kudzu Country:
[...] The old barracks were not well heated and the warmest place was the bed. A few minutes after 10:00 PM, Saber started growling. Judy told him to be quiet thinking he heard someone going down the hallway outside their front door. She had barely gotten the words out of her mouth when Saber came running into the bedroom, jumped on the bed and crawled whimpering under the covers. Nothing Judy could do would make him come out.

A few seconds after Saber jumped on the bed, Judy felt an icy chill in the room, much colder that it had been. Just as quick as it came, it left.

Judy saw a shadow on the wall outside the bedroom that looked like that of man cast by an oil burning lamp, flickering and hard to discern. She got out of bed, got her pistol and went to look in the hallway. [...]
Spooky! But not as terrifying as this poor guy's nightmare:
[...] I took one for the team this weekend and watched Gigli, yes, Gigli the remarkably bad Bennifer movie. Call it an experiment, if you will, or call it masochism, if you won't, but I thought it my duty to see this artifact of the early 21st century so that later generations might be spared. [...]

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