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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Oh no, not again.

Well, OF COURSE, again! Why let a good thing go to waste!? What am I talking about?

Read along with me as we take a peek behind the curtain in the lush and swanky Axis of Weevil World Headquarters building, as yet another memo hits the desks of the membership:
Good morning, fellow travelers!

WHEREAS it is late October, when all the frightening, creepy, scary things come out (such as haints, goomers, boogerbears, and politicians), and

WHEREAS this fine State of Alabama, and indeed all of those surrounding it, are all eat up with wild, otherworldly tales of particularly peculiar, gruesome, and terrifying natures, and

WHEREAS we all, being in some odd way connected to the great and wonderful assemblage of counties and municipalities which make up the State of Alabama, and

WHEREAS we have become further associated together by the alchemy of time and circumstance to form the blogospheric alliance known as the Axis of Weevil, and

WHEREAS any goodly Axis worthy of its name does occasionally take it upon itself to work in concert to produce trouble and woe, and

WHEREAS I thought it might be fun, and

WHEREAS it helps fill up space on my blog,

THEREFORE, let it be RESOLVED, that all of us Weevils should take the opportunity presented by our association and by the fortunate and auspicious time of year to produce


in which each member of the Alabama Society for the Preservation of Mendaciousness agrees to post at least one heeby-jeeby story of brushes with paranormality, inexplicable occurrences, pure 'D' evil, disembodied voices, woodland critters, or other such foolish trash.

We are all greatly aware of the debt we owe to Kathryn Tucker Windham, but for the sake of originality and in the great tradition of Southern storytellers, we seek stories of mayhem and fright of your own personal experience (or failing any dalliances with the undead, just make something up.)

SO THEN, minions of Weevilosity, who is once again up to the challenge?
As you all no doubt recall, this little exercise was also carried out last year about this time, resulting in severe bouts of chillblains and neck-hair-standing-upitude. This year promises to be even more frightful, seeing as how the Axis of Weevil has doubled in size, so be sure and check around the blogroll up above and see who all has something spookish to tell.

I know of one good ol' feller who was so anxious to talk that LAST WEEK he went off and posted a whole SERIES of stories about the fearsome REDNECK WEREWOLF!! AaahhHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Ahem. Sorry. Channeling Count Floyd there for a minute.

Anyway, be prepared for lots of chillingly frightning scariness.

Management assumes no responsibility for injuries caused by fainting, or for anyone dying outright just from sheer terror.

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