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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

EVEN MORE Spookiosity!

Just now got a link from MommaBear to a right scary story in the Lovecraftian tradition, written by her buddy Andrew Ian Dodge (whew):
[...] “We are still a small village here Sage. It’s the middle of winter and he definitely does not look like a local. Make sure we tie him down so he doesn’t wake up with a jolt.”

They carried the young man to the back of the Land Rover and placed him on some padding, while bungieing him down like Gulliver in the back of the vehicle. [...]
OOOOOO!! Chilling!! Count Floyd gives it two fangs up!

(As a note to the other AoW members who want to participate but just don't have enough ectoplasm to make a good story--a proxy submittal is entirely acceptable. Management does reserve the right to insert gratutious "Y'alls", house trailers, and the dipping of snuff in order to Southern things up a bit.)

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