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Monday, September 22, 2003

Well, it didn't kill me...

...but I sure don't feel any stronger. Dumb ol' Goethe.

Anyway, loooong weekend which is now mostly a blur. Part of which is caused be the brand new rain we got yesterday. Right in the middle of having soccer pictures made. You'll get to hear all about it, whether you want to or not, but I have to type it up first, which will take time and my staying awake.

IN THE MEAN TIME, it seems that the Weevil State University bandwagon really hit a nerve amongst our visitors here at Possumblog--for those who just can't get enough of the Fightin' Weevils, you may be surprised to learn that the Weevil State U. Journalism Department has started its own online version of the campus newspaper, the award-winning Proboscis. You can find out not much at all, seeing as how it's brand new, but that will soon change as soon as the rest of the Axis of Weevil membership are added on as contributing authors.

As with the paper version of The Proboscis, the online version will be geared toward keeping Weevil State's vast student body up to date on campus events and news, and will continue in the rich tradition of Weevil State's founders. Obviously, the paper's staff are still new to the cyber world, so the edges are a bit rough, but that will surely change as time goes on. Or not.

As a reminder, any of you Axis of Weevil members who would like to be contributors, please drop me a note via Chet the E-Mail Boy, and your name will be forwarded on to the editorial staff.

So, on to my Monday staff meeting (back in the real world) and I will see you all in a bit.

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