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Friday, September 19, 2003

Weekend Stuff

Well, as has been documented ad nauseum in earlier posts, there sure won't be no racin', other than going back and forth to the soccer park. Thankfully, this weekend everyone's games are at home, which makes it much less stressful.

Last night was a bit on the fun side--Cat had practice, and Rebecca had practice, and I had my piddly little zoning board meeting to go to, and everything was at the same time. Reba took Tiny Terror over to her field, along with Boy. He went because one of the guys on his team also has a sister on Catherine's team, so they get to play together while she practices. I was tasked with dumping Middle Girl at the regular field--for some reason, she insisted we take the truck.

I'm not sure why she like Franklin so much, but she does. I made her put her hand on the gearshift and got her to help shift gears, which frightened her--the good way, like riding a roller coaster. She helped a bit but decided she would rather I stir the gears around. We were rolling down Highway 11, when out of the blue she piped up over the engine clatter and exhaust popping to ask, "Is Hooters a bad place?"

The things they come up with...

"Well, their waitresses don't wear much clothes..."

"Oh. Why not?"

::sigh:: "Uh, well, it's just the way they run their restaurant--they make the girls dress up in not much."

"Oh. Well, Amanda said it's a bad place and they don't eat there because the waitresses are almost nekkid."

"Yep, just about."

"Well, I am not EVER going to go to work there!!"

Y'doggone right...of course, she's still at that age where she actually likes me and would never consider the possibility of taking up a particular habit or activity to annoy the bejabbers out of me.

Let her out, made sure she found her coach, then headed back over to the meeting, which only lasted about thirty minutes, then it was back to the park, where the girls were just getting set up to play a scrimmage against the Under 12 boys.

The guys were wild as bucks--falling and flipping and kicking everything in sight, hard--but not the least bit accurately. The girls took a bit more time and very nearly scored, and a couple of them gave better than they got when it came to physical confrontations. We have some stout little girls on our team. It wound up 0-0, but it was a good game.

Hopefully, they will do as well Saturday and Sunday.

Little Boy has his practice tonight--I haven't planned on taking the truck, so maybe I won't have to field any odd questions.

In any event, we'll see what happens, and I'll tell you all about it Monday. Have yourselves a good weekend!

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