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Friday, September 05, 2003

Walked in this morning...

And the ultraspiffy new Windows 2000 Professional had been installed on my computer by the IT elves. It's got a pretty shadow underneath the hourglass icon, and in some sort of odd homage to the Three Finger Salute, it actually required that I press CTRL-ALT-DEL to start the silly thing. Finally got it cranked up, and found that my network password and e-mail system passwords weren't synched right, and that all of the helpful Windows popups which require killing were all back, ready to be killed again. Did all that, logged onto the Internet and found that I had a brand new IE browser--cool. Although it did start up on Google, and I use Yahoo! for my home page, but no biggie. Went up to Favorites, and...nothing. My list of bookmarks that I have carefully groomed for the past four years was gone. PIFF. Just like that. If you ever wonder how it is that I am able to come up with some of the obscure, esoteric information you see here, it is through the goldmine of informative links that I USED TO HAVE up there. Luckily, I had the foresight to transfer them to my home computer a few months back, so I'll eventually get them back, but still. How hard would it have been to click Yes on the box to say you want to keep the old bookmarks? ::sigh:: And it updated everything else, too. Clippy is back. Have to kill him, too. ::sigh::

Clicked over to my hit counter and WHOA NELLIE, IT'S AN INSTALANCHE, BOYS!!! Thanks for the link, Doc! Even more amazing is that Glenn had to wade through all the ton of other silliness on here to find that particular post. Incredible fortitude, that. In conjunction with the car theme, Professor Reynolds also has a post this morning noting the news story of earlier in the week that nervously trumpeted that Americans now have more cars than drivers. Once again, I was watching a report on the morning news sometime this week, and the reporter sternly intoned that this statistic might now offer some explanation for all the traffic congestion we have to deal with. ::sigh:: Look, ya putz, it doesn't matter how many cars you own, YOU CAN ONLY DRIVE ONE AT A TIME! Mo-ron.

In any event, welcome to everyone dropping in from Instapundit--I'm sure some of you will find something here which will cause you to stop, thoughtfully stroke your chin, and vow never to use the Internet again. For the rest of you, please come back anytime and feel free to leave a comment or send me a note. Chet the E-Mail Boy is all a-tingle at the prospect of a flood of new correspondents!

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