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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Perpetuating the Stereotype, Volume 48: Pinson man threatens to kill son after Tide loses
PINSON, Ala. (AP) -- A Pinson man was charged with attempted murder for holding a gun to his son's head and pulling the trigger in the midst of a tantrum after Alabama's double overtime loss to Arkansas Saturday, authorities said.
Well, right off the bat here, let's notice that the headline says he was only threatening to kill him. That's some more sort of threat, if you ask me.
The bullet narrowly missed 20-year-old Seth Logan, who said he picked the wrong time to ask his dad for a car, sheriff's spokesman Deputy Randy Christian said Monday.
Well, yeah--that does sound like a bad time to ask.
Joseph Alan Logan, 46, surrendered to police Saturday and was charged with attempted murder and domestic violence. He was released from the Jefferson County jail Sunday on $7,500 bond.

"I know we take football serious in the South," Christian told The Birmingham News for a Tuesday story, "but that's crossing the line."
Oh, there you go, getting all judgemental...
The request upset Joseph Logan because his son has already wrecked several vehicles, Logan told investigators.

"He claimed he was just trying to scare his son," Christian said.
You know, it's the old thing, 'If I had meant to kill him, I would have.' Anyway, his kid HAD wrecked other cars and all...
According to the police report, Joseph Logan had been drinking alcohol
Hey, what are the odds of THAT!?
and began slamming doors, tossing boxes and throwing dishes in the sink
Hey, what are the odds of THAT!?
after the Crimson Tide lost its football game to Arkansas, 34-31 in double overtime, Saturday.
Hey, what are...never mind.
While Joseph Logan was throwing the tantrum, Seth Logan asked for a new car.

Joseph Logan then retrieved a 9 mm pistol from his car, grabbed his son by the collar and pressed the gun to his son's forehead, the report said.

Logan threatened to shoot his son in the head, then pulled the trigger.

Seth Logan moved his head just as his father fired and the bullet whizzed past him, the report said.
Daddy had to go to the car to get his gun!? Probably made him even madder.
Seth Logan fled to a neighbor's house to call police. He told police his ear was numb and his head ringing, but he was OK.
Sheriff's authorities called the SWAT team after discovering the armed father still had a 13-year-old son in the house with him.

Joseph Alan Logan walked out of the house with the other son and turned himself in to police just before the SWAT team arrived, Christian said.

UPDATE: The bond figure may have been incorrectly reported--Wendy Garner on Channel 13 read it this morning (10/1) as being $75,000 in lieu of $7,500, although the story about it on their news page still says $7,500. I believe Wendy--she did go to Auburn after all.

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