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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Oooooh, that's a good question!!

Miss Janis left a comment below in the post where I referred to her as 'Lucy's mama'. She said Lyman's mom told her she wouldn't be a good people mommy, due to the fact that she's too hovering.

Maybe so, said me, but she'd make a fine helicopter.

WHICH LED TO her idea that we needed us a new quiz here at the Possumblog Center for Personality Exploration--namely, what sort of airplane are you?

Excellent question!!

For my own part, I have always had a particular fondness for WWII aircraft, having built hundreds of scale models as a youngster. Gotta say I think of myself as a P-47D. An enormous, loud, flying anvil. Not sexy like a P-51, or graceful like a Spit, or maneuverable like a Zero--just 2,400 horses, hauling 17,000 pounds of fun. Incredible aircraft.

(I also will occasionally pretend to be a Hellcat, or a Skyraider.)

So then, what sort of airplane are you? No matter if you're a Pitts Special, or a Staggerwing Beech, or an A-10, leave a comment and the reason why you are what you are.

And please clean up any leaking fluid from the hangar floor before you leave.

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