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Wednesday, September 17, 2003


The Editorial Staff here at Possumblog are overwhelmed by the number of visitors we get searching for knowledge out there on the Information Superhighway®--like this one nice person wondering about--at what age are possums completely mobile.

Obviously, our stature within the scientific community continues to grow. That such a querist would land here in his search for truth is surely to be expected.

Researchers vary in their opinion on this subject, but one thing is certain--there is no such thing as a completely mobile possum, otherwise we wouldn't see so many dead ones on the side of the road. Possum mobility specialists have been hard at work attempting to adapt various battery-powered carts to serve the nocturnal, arboreal, marsupial community. Dean Kamen has even envisioned a version of his wildly popular Segway scooter intended specifically for possums, with the added feature of it being able to climb trees, similar to his patented stair-climbing wheelchair.

So far, all of these attempts have failed in some way, usually due to the operator throwing itself under the wheels as soon as the carts begin rolling.

Research continues apace.

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