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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

It Figures.

When I went to post the entry below, I noticed that Blogger had a couple of new features on the interface screen. One is SPELLCHECK!! This little toolbar button went away not long after I signed on--at the time, cash-strapped Ev said that the software to run the button was too costly to continue using. BUT, it's back now. Must be some of that good Googlucre.

Another thing is that there are two checkboxes over to the right of the edit box, labelled "Draft" and "Change Time & Date". One of the nice things about the Blogger "lo-fi" version I had been using (which was for older, less robust and handsome web browser versions) was that when you pushed "publish", you got a handy little screen that looked similar to what would be on-screen so you could check your formatting and junk. The "hi-fi" version I have now after the computer guys upgraded me to Windows2000 doesn't do that. It just posts like it always did.

I figured that I would try out the Draft checkbox just to see what it did. I typed up a post amazingly similar to the one above, clicked the box, pushed "Post", and it ate it all gone. Blip. Gone. So, I retyped this little shebang once more, after breathing a labored sigh.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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