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Thursday, September 25, 2003

I'm not sure "chutzpah" is in the Law...

Hearing on extension for Moore stalls
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- A hearing on suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore's request for more time to respond to ethics charges turned into a debate Thursday over whether Moore could seek to disqualify judges on the Court of the Judiciary. [...]

Moore's attorney, Terry Butts, first asked the court to agree that by arguing the extension motion before the eight judges present Thursday, Moore was not waiving his right in the future to ask some of them to step down.

Several of the judges testily told Butts his request was inappropriate, and that he should have sought recusals before filing any other motions. Butts responded that he needed more time to determine whether any recusals were necessary. [...]
I'm sure that's probably a perfectly valid legal question, but asking it is painting an awfully large red circle on your chest--or rather, upon that of your client. It comes across as a rather poorly veiled threat upon the status of the members of the panel, whether it was intended as such or not. And it sounds as though that's the way they interpreted the question.

Just because all things are lawful, doesn't mean they're all expedient.

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