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Friday, September 05, 2003

Having now settled my fit of anger…

by pounding my head vigorously upon my desktop and screaming at the top of my lungs, it is now time to attempt to recapture the merriment and irreverent ad lib spirit of my initial post. Obviously, this replacement post will stink horribly, but the one that got erased was a jewel. Wish you could have read it—you would have burned all of your books by Shakespeare and pasted it on your wall to read over and over. Alas, ‘tis not to be. But as you read the following, just imagine how good it could have been.

Onward then, to unlock the door to the Possumblog Sports Center and prattle on about the impending matchup between the Auburn Tigers and the Yellow Jackets of the Georgia Institute of Technology!

The Plainsmen will be busing up I-85 to historic Bobby Dodd Field in Atlanta Saturday and will meet up with a team that was just barely bested by BYU last week. The Blacksmiths have had their share of woe over the past few years, but will still constitute a threat to the Tigers. They have a nice fellow as their coach—Chan Gailey has earned his stripes at all levels of play, and even did some teeth-cutting over here in Alabama at Troy State, Samford, and with the world-famous Birmingham Fire of the WLAF. Good fellow, and a sound coach who will be giving the Tigers all they can handle. Especially if they play like they did last week. (If you have a hankering, the game will be on ABC beginning at 2:30 Central Time.)

The Ramblin’ Wrecks do seem to fall short in the most crucial measure, however. Their cheerleading website is not even linked from the Institute’s sports page and Googling for it for some reason brings up a host of sites that are not Grandma friendly. Then there is the issue of all those guys being on there cluttering things up, and the whole deal with the bug mascot. The main picture page of the varsity squad has a tiny picture that’s just way too dark, and the perfect opportunity to insert individual photos only leads to little pop-ups with assorted trivia. (Anything with scorpions scares me too, by the way.) Just simply not in the same league with the USC website from last week, although in all fairness, Auburn’s website has not seen a single change in the past seven days. It’s almost as if they don’t care what I think! Go figure.

In any event, Possumblog Sports Center’s Chief Statistician Ipsa Dixie has forgiven me (at least I assume she has—I am, after all, still alive) for last week’s ill-advised invasion of her desk drawer and my inadvertent use of the incorrect prediction. All I can say is she should be more careful what she keeps locked up in her desk. Whatever, though, as she seems to be in much perkier mood this week. She just came by and heaved a hunk of concrete at my head (some arm on that girl—must be those large chest muscles) with her predicted score neatly written on it: Auburn 31—Georgia Tech 17.

So, there you have it.

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