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Friday, September 05, 2003

Fit of Anger, Round II

Finally figured out (after getting lots of error messages) that my morning's work was not lost by my silly new OS but by my old friend, stupid, STUPID, Blogger. If'n it ain't one thing, hit's another.

The Computer Boy came by earlier to see how things were going--let's see, no Word icon on my desktop and no way to make one appear; the tiny boneheaded toggle buttons at the bottom in the 'tray' won't switch back and forth to the desktop; my e-mail password has NEVER been synched with my log-in password--it has been malfunctioning perfectly well all along allowing me to access my interoffice mail as soon as the engine's fired up, but now with my new stuff, I will have to log on every morning; all my Word settings have been set to the default, which was apparently thought up by someone who never does any sort of writing; and, as always, there are no cool games. I didn't mention anything about my missing bookmarks, because the less they know about that, the better.

As for disappearing posts, as I mentioned down in the comments, I usually do the long, involved posts in Word, then paste it into Blogger. Honest. I really do. But then sometimes you get to typing real fast and pulling things from multiple sources and it's just simpler to try it directly in Blogger. Until it gets eaten and burped up in Sri Lanka or someplace.

Anyway, we'll see how this thing works as I click on Post and Publish righhhhhhhtttt....NOW!

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