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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Chet Becomes Famous

I was sitting here just now checking the turnstyle to see who all has been visiting this pile, and noticed that the staff appeared to be stepping out of the shadows and taking their own path out in the cyberworld.

None other than Chet the E-Mail Boy seemed to have broken the through the Pixel Curtain and become a celebrity--at least that was my supposition based upon this search string: globe shoes Chet's for cheap money.

I got so excited for Chet, although the query didn't make much sense. Has Chet gone into the orthopedic shoe business? Started selling globes door-to-door? Or, was it something more sinister...something cheap, for money?

I was just about to summon Chet from the basement when I ran into one of our slacker interns who pointed out that I was like, hopelessly clueless about Chet Thomas, famous 5k4t3rb0y, who, you know, like wears Globe Shoes because he's, like, their spokesdude guy.

Well, better luck next time, Chet. As for our visitor, we are sorry, but our entire shoe warehouse in Slapout burned to the ground, and we are backordered for at least three months.

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