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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

All you need to know about Wesley Clark, from Yorkie--
[...] Any retired military officer who claims, out loud, that his whole career was about pointing him toward the political arena makes me distinctly uncomfortable. Military service is a very unique and specific calling. I'd be the last person to tell you that there aren't politics involved in that service, because there are -- there are politics involved in most jobs these days. The politics of military life, especially in high visibility positions, can be particularly brutal.

But Clark's position strikes me as a bit distasteful. Men and women who serve, especially in positions of senior leadership, should not be serving as a means of securing a political future. [...]
to Kudzu--
[...] Generals who decide they should be President. I spent 32 years in the Army. In that time, I never knew a General who had any business being President although most I met were really good politicians. I never met Wesley Clark, but you can bet he doesn't have my vote nor do I think he will get many votes from the military. After all, he did get effectively relieved of duty by Clinton. [...]
Well, if Dean is McGovern, maybe Wes is MacArthur. (Although to be fair, MacArthur ran as a Republican.)

The runup to the convention is not one of those things that I particularly get all het up about, but I did think it interesting to see how Francesca and Larry see things, given their backgrounds.

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