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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Air travelers may be assigned color codes
The Associated Press
9/9/2003, 9:22 a.m. CT

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government and the airlines reportedly will phase in a computer system next year to measure the risk of every passenger who boards a flight in the United States by using color codes.

According to the Washington Post, passengers will be assigned one of three codes, based in part on their travel plans, traveling companions and the date the ticket was purchased. Sources say those coded "green" will easily pass through security checkpoints. Others will be coded "yellow" and face additional screening. An estimated 1 percent to 2 percent who get "red" coding will be barred from boarding and face police questioning. They may be arrested.

Critics fear the new system will be far too intrusive, and that some people will be mistakenly "flagged" and even falsely arrested.
I realize we have to be careful of each other's rights, but the danger in this seems to not be that there might be someone who might be falsely arrested, but that there might just be a particularly savvy bad guy who figures out how to get himself green-coded, and will then be able to "easily pass through security checkpoints".

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