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Monday, March 07, 2005

Wellllllll, good morning!

IN an astounding bit of good fortune, I actually made it through yet another weekend! Stories about which will be forthcoming, if I can remember anything.

But before I get to that, a young fellow named Lance McMurray who writes the Red State Rant blog is trying to put together a Dixie Blogfest shindig sometime this summer, prossibly in Atlanta, and so he is sending out the word to all of you folks below the Sweet Tea Line to give him a shout and see what can be put together. He's saying there might even be TEE-SHIRTS!! Fellow Weeviless Beth over at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is on board already, and I imagine that there are a pretty stout number of folks who would be willing to make the trek for some fun. (Obviously, my fun calendar is already filled up until 2016, so I'll just have to read about what everyone else has to say about the festivities.) Just remember, kids--horseplay leads to heartache--so y'all be on your BEST behavior!

Anyway, I'll be back in a bit with heartwarming tales of Life Along the Pinchgut.

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